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MrMomZ Childcare Center for DadZRaising our children has been the greatest achievement of my life, to date. The rewards for both child and parent are infinite and watching my children grow has been the best job I've ever had. The information in this site is from my personal experience and I'm hoping other Dadz will share their experiences.

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Each baby is different but they all do the same things-sleep, eat, cry, pee and poop, play and explore, and develop new skills-with his or her own style, personality and sense of timing, right from the beginning. A baby may be quite active and lively or calm and mellow; may approach life as a leader, a follower or may be sensitive and bothered by little things; may be an explorer and/or may like to test out a new situation slowly. Most babies establish a reliable routine within the first few months(3-6 months) but some never seem to establish predictable routines.Just a babies are different in personality and responses to life, so are the way that parents respond to them. Some children are definitely easier to raise then others and for the children that aren't, remember patience, persistence and a whole lot of love is needed.

This site is a non-profit, informational portal and was written by myself, a stay-at-home dad.  It may have a male perspective concerning childcare, so you may be surprised by some of my methods. With more woman in the workforce, it's time for us men to take over the responsibility of childcare.

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By donating, you are supporting the continued development and cost to maintain this site. A small donation can be accepted with all proceeds used to keep the flow of free childcare advice going for Stay-at-Home Dadz. I hope you enjoy this site and find some useful childcare advice.