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Sleep answers are difficult to come by and tend to be one of the most basic challenges to us as parents. Our baby's lack of sleep is our own lack of sleep, affecting our judgment, our outlook and our health. Experts will tell advise you to let your baby cry themselves to sleep and others feel that you should take the baby into bed with you. If you look over time and throughout many cultures, you'll see that there is no right answers. Whatever works for your family is the "right way."
Never Wake a Sleeping Baby!!

Most babies will wake up if they are hungry, thirsty or have a dirty diaper. With newborns, they may need to be reminded to eat. Try to carry on all normal activities with little regard to noise. (no chainsaws) If you tiptoe around, you'll never get anything accomplished during naptimes.
When is it nap time??
Whenever your child seems tired or if you need some quite time but to much napping can lead to restless night, so it's a fine balance.

What time of Day is it??
Most infants do not know the difference between day or night unless you tell them. Even at very early ages, daytime should be full of busy activity including playtime, reading, feedings and naps. While nightime is quiet, relaxed and peaceful.

As an infant, naptime and sleeptime areas should be different. It helps the child relate daytime naps and nightime sleep to an physical location.

Choose a Bedtime and stick to it!!

Start winding down your child at least an hour before putting them down for the night. Reading is relaxing. Dim the lights and put on some music. When the time arrives, Bedtime, lay them down, kiss them goodnight and walk away. Crying is normal for about 15 min. but after that it's may be time to try the Ferber Method.

Tips and Tricks..
Sleep patterns are variable, but the overall need for sleep decreases over the first year. Give baby a chance to sleep alone. Even a recently fed, tired baby may need to cry for a time before falling asleep. Don't give a bottle in bed. It is a difficult habit to break and may cause cavities and/or ear infections. At about 6 months, help your baby get attached to a special, soft stuffed animal or blanket to cuddle with while falling to sleep. At about 9  months establish a regular bedtime and bedtime ritual possible including books or songs. If all else fails, talk to your pediatrician about what may be causing discomfort or disruptive sleep patterns but please understand, it's not easy being a child. The world is a scary place for us adults, can you imagine how it looks though the eyes of a child?
                                Have patience and be persistent and consistent.

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